We provide software specially designed to run a full service retail jewelry store efficiently and easily. Some of the services our software covers are POS, inventory management, repairs, appraisals, layaways, accounting, employee time clock, mailing lists, reports, and more.

Guild Jeweler Software Solutions

Guild Jeweler Training

Our installation and training process has been designed to get your store started on the right foot. Our desire is that your transition to the Guild Jeweler system will be smooth, that your network setup will be stable and efficient, and that your employees will be prepared to use the Guild Jeweler system for important, everyday tasks.

Network Support

Before the training process can begin, a Guild representative will work with you to ensure the stability and efficiency of your store network. This process may take little to no time at all, if you have carefully prepared the network in advance. However, if you would rather leave the network setup entirely to us, we are willing to take the time necessary to provide and configure your hardware.

Introductory Presentation

Once your store network is up and running, the Guild representative will deliver a 1-2 hour introductory presentation for your staff. This presentation will cover the basics of program navigation, and explain how to use Guild Jeweler to manage your customers, inventory, vendors, jobs, repairs, and sales.

Staff Assistance

The final step in the training process is one-on-one staff assistance. The Guild representative can spend two or three days with your employees, to guide them as they begin to use the Guild Jeweler system for their actual business. This is the most important step in making a smooth transition to a new software system.

Remote Assistance

The entire training process should take 3-4 days total. After your training session is complete, the Guild team will continue to offer you support by phone and internet. Just remember, no problem is too big or too small. We’re here to help.

Contact us to request support or an online demo.



  • Workstations
    (Minimum Requirements)
     -Windows 7/8/10/11
     -1.5GHz Processor
     -4GB RAM
     -500MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • Server
     -Windows (Any Version), Linux or Novell
     -Dual-Core 2GHz Processor or Higher
     -8GB RAM or Higher
     -20GB Free Hard Drive Space
    Note: If you have five stations or less, your server can double as a workstation, otherwise it's best to have a dedicated server.
  • At least one PC should have an internet connection
  • Job Envelope Printer (HP LaserJet Pro M110w recommended)
  • Sales Receipt/Claim Check Printer (HP LaserJet Pro M110w recommended)
  • DO NOT GET ANY OF THE "e" variations of HP LaserJet printers. They require you to sign up for a HP account and I've had a lot of difficulty working with them. For more info, see this reddit post: Buyer Beware