We provide software specially designed to run a full service retail jewelry store efficiently and easily. Some of the services our software covers are POS, inventory management, repairs, appraisals, layaways, accounting, employee time clock, mailing lists, reports, and more.

Guild Jeweler Software Solutions

Customer Testimonials

Altemueller Jewelry

MarkGuild Jeweler is one of the greatest things that has happened to our business. It does everything we need and much more than I ever dreamed possible.

When I need detailed reports from sales to inventory figures, Guild delivers. Appraisals, accounts receivable, time clock, internal memo system, tag printing, capturing photos, barcoding of repairs and inventory, and printing job envelopes are just a few of the tasks that Guild Jeweler does that makes our business run smoothly.

With twenty-four associates, I needed something that was easy to use but that was still capable of performing complex tasks. Guild Jeweler delivers this capability coupled with ease of use. All of our associates, even those who are not "computer savvy", can use the program easily.

I cannot say enough about customer service. Everyone at Guild is attentive and responsive. They quickly resolve the few problems that occur. I am very impressed by the way they have "tailored" Guild for our needs along with the way they listen to any input we have for possible future enhancements.

Mark L. Noelke
Owner, Jeweler, Gemologist

Linnea Jewelers Inc.

DeniseWhen I opened my new store, I already knew the limitations of Jewelry Shopkeeper. I realized I needed a more comprehensive program and better support if I was going to beat the odds and set myself apart from the established competition in my new location. I was attending a seminar on purchasing and inventory control when someone mentioned they were using Guild Jeweler and were very satisfied with the system, overall program, and customer service. I immediately searched out Madison and his son, and saw the impressive program demonstration. I knew this was exactly what I would need to help me grow and distinguish my store! Digital Picture Inventory, (a great time saver) NO MORE searching for jewelry items missing tags just by descriptions! Being able to economize by printing my own receipts, job envelopes with real claim checks (not just some dinky stub) and detailed inventory tags. Tracking my sales/ commissions/ consignments and those never ending account receivables!!! How could this be so very complete? Simple, this is what truly sold me, because it was made for jewelers by a successful jeweler who understands the very exacting demands and facets of our business.

Then Madison came personally to our store for training. Took the time to help set up the stations, camera box, demonstrate the program (repeatedly), and explain all the details and shortcuts. As soon as he took our old customer data and transferred it into the new program, we were off and running! After using Guild for a little over three years now, the real proof is how it has helped us track and maintain our increasing growth even in this very challenging economy! Inventory reports for reordering hot moving items, exact shopping guides for the shows for better inventory balance and controlled buying, GMROI, daily, monthly, yearly cash reports (my CPA loves me now!) mailing lists and personalized postcards for our events! Then the great built in "CYA" aspect with the repair releases, before and after photos providing proof that this was the condition of the item when received, goldsmiths estimates to provide for undiscovered repairs not noted at take-in! By far the most impressive aspect of Guild Jeweler that we witness nearly everyday is that after wrapping up a beautiful gift, we hand the customer a digital photo insurance appraisal on the spot with that "thank-you so much" handshake! Guild Jewelers sophisticated technology enables our little business to thrive.

With Guild Jeweler there are so many no-brainer advantages for the busy, hardworking, economical jeweler who is growing a business. I'll say it again, it has been our smartest investment because it was made for professional jewelers by a seasoned expert who understands our business and truly cares about the integrity of our industry.

We are up in this down economy. I wanted to say thank-you Madison and Madison III for your help and support.

Denise Oros
Master Goldsmith

Eichhorn Jewelry, Inc.

EileenDear Madison,

Having looked for several years for software designed specifically for the jewelry industry for a midsized store, I am very happy to have found GUILD JEWELER SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.

For many years we had a computerized inventory control system which was not a POS system. The capabilities were much too limited. Knowing how we were growing, tracking special orders and the multitude of repairs was overwhelming. Now we capture photographs of all inventory and customer repairs. The before/after photos of repairs have even aided us in selling. Many of our loyal customers have moved away but still do business with us via email.

Since our installation of GUILD in September of 2005, we have added thousands of new customers. Updating customer information as well as the WISH LISH and the QUOTES areas have definitely been a bonus. When we started purchasing gold last July from customers we are able to track the needed information to be compliant with local, state and federal requirements.

GUILD's support group was most helpful in the initial training as well as transferring our old data into the new system. They get back to us when we have questions that cannot be answered with the manual as well as coming online to maintain the system. They have taken some of our suggestions and implemented them in the upgrades when those ideas would help other jewelers, too.

GUILD helped us adapt a segment of the system to accommodate our DIAMOND CLUB. Even though we still have to manually track the credits the adaptation still "works" for imputing the payments.

Many other features are included in the package that are too numerous to mention here. We are still enjoying the benefits of learning daily after nearly four years experience. I would be personally pleased to discuss GUILD software as an improvement for today's successful jeweler.

You may contact me by email if you have a specific question. My email is firstingems@netscape.net.

Eileen R. Eichhorn