We provide software specially designed to run a full service retail jewelry store efficiently and easily. Some of the services our software covers are POS, inventory management, repairs, appraisals, layaways, accounting, employee time clock, mailing lists, reports, and more.

Guild Jeweler Software Solutions

History of Guild Jeweler Software Solutions

In July 1993, Madison Knight, Jr. purchased a retail database program in attempt to modernize his family jewelry store. Despite his high hopes for this new system, the software just introduced new problems in his store. He found that his non-technical staff could not use it properly, that the program was not designed to accommodate an AGS guild store like his, and that it simply did not always work correctly.

Due to his frustration with this system, Madison began searching for a better program in 1994. Over a year of expos, brochures, and phone calls later, he decided that nothing on the market could satisfy the needs of his company. So in January 1996, with the influence of his friend Dr. Andy Griffiths, he began construction of a brand new database system.

Madison’s original intention was simply to create a system that was tailored to the needs of his own store. However, as time passed he realized that he had something amazing on his hands. This database had grown into an incredibly useful system, tailor-made to manage a full-service, high-end jewelry store. Thus, Guild Jeweler Software Solutions was born.

After two-and-a-half years of in-store testing at his own store in South Bend, Madison began marketing the Guild Jeweler system to other jewelers in 2001. And that brings us to the present. With an expanding number of customers and employees, Guild Jeweler Software Solutions has become a successful provider of retail database software to many satisfied jewelers.